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Help me empower more students with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to get to college and beyond.

Together we can pave a pathway to college for all.

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As principal of Homewood Middle School, I became a member of Leadership Birmingham, class of 2009. While learning about some of our city's most pressing issues, I became very aware of the discrepancy between the abundant college access resources that were available to students my school system versus other school systems in Birmingham.

I knew we had to do something. With the help of my wife and other community partners and friends, College Admissions Made Possible (CAMP) was born. Since its conception, CAMP has served thousands of students all over the Southeast. Just this past year, 94% of our students gained access to college with an average of $61,449 in scholarships awarded per student.

With your help, we can accomplish so much more. Join me in empowering all students with access to college. Help us pave a pathway to college for all students with COLLEGE ADMISSIONS MADE POSSIBLE.